Manuela (Manny) currently calls Seattle home and is fortunate enough that this line of work brings her to new and exciting places. She likes spaghetti, wishes she lived in Twin Peaks, and has two awesome cats. Manuela is a formally trained Behavioral Neuroscientist who decided to follow her first true love, photography. These days, Manuela produces editorial and commercial photography that focuses on feeling and mood. She works closely with her friends at Fainting Room Collective and would love to collaborate with you!


e.      manuela@manuelainsixiengmay.com

t.       206.303.9522

i.        @manuelainsixiengmay






Selected Clients


Tommy Bahama

Baby & Company 


Salthouse Studios

Sound Financial Group

Cosmic Twin

Knack Shops



Teen Vogue

AY Magazine

City Arts Magazine

The Stranger

Ledger Magazine